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Do you need a 12 inch penis?

How important is having a 12 inch penis? Is that what you should be worried about – having a big penis or should you be worried about taking care of her sexually? Did you know most women do not have an orgasm during sex? Look at these statistics:

Only 35% of the female population will orgasm during intercourse.

— Pathways to Pleasure, Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., Sexologist and Adult Sexuality Educator, 2000.

50 to 75% of women who have orgasms need clitoral stimulation and are unable to have an orgasm through intercourse alone.

— Understanding the Female Orgasm, Al Cooper, Ph.D., Sex Therapist, July 2003.

So does it really matter if you have a small penis or big 12 inch penis if your lover is not going to be satisfied in bed while having sex? It’s not just the size of your penis that matters if you can please a woman. You have to be able to last longer, hit the right spots, stimulate the clitoris and make her cum.

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A penis with length and girth will help hit the right spots and make her moan with pleasure.

So the answer is yes you need a bigger penis because the average penis length of 6 inches is not enough to satisfy a woman’s sexual desires AND you need to be able to hold your load and not suffer from premature ejaculation or erecticle dsyfunction. A better size penis length is 8 to 12 inches. Most male enhancement products promise gains of 2 to 4 inches in penis length.

But remember it is not all about you. If you worry about meeting her needs first you will get your needs met.

You will have no problem reaching climax once you enter her vagina. If you are like most guys it will take you less than 5 minutes to reach orgasm if you cannot stop it. But it’s not all about you. She will need up to 15 minutes of intercourse to reach orgasm. You have to be able to last in bed and have a bigger penis to keep her happy and not thinking about going elsewhere to get her sexual needs met.

So yes a 12 inch penis would be a good place to start. Increasing your penis’s length and girth to produce friction against her vaginal walls is what you need to help bring her to climax. But you also have to work on how to last longer and how to cum simultaneously or after she finishes to do the job right.

If you have a tiny or small penis and want to get a bigger penis that you can be proud of then check out these penis pills that will not only help increase the size of your penis but increase your libido, help with ejaculation control, and give you harder erections that will make her scream with joy. That’s male enhancement you should be worried about and not just having a big 12 inch penis.